Unbreakable Smile by @ToryKelly // ALBUM REVIEW

I've been following Tory Kelly for a long time, when Scooter Braun tweeted about her the first time, remember here, and she released her album debut on June but yes, cause we're different we're making the review now. Enjoy.

Where I Belong It's a presentation of herself, she's singing about who she is, “I’m just a girl with her guitar” It is something that often use many artists, which I think it's normal, cause usually, so many people think they're different, and they aren't.
Unbreakable Smile; this song has a massive message to all the people out there, ''some story saying, Tori's sell more records'' / ''baby who knows maybe I can sell out shows without taking off my clothes'' I'm just in love with this girl. She's genuine.
Nobody Love, without a doubt, this one is my favorite song, all Max Martin songs are hits. He's a hitmaker and with Tori is no different. When Kelly sings a high note we know it's her, she's unique. Check 2:25 of the song.
Expensive Ft. Daye Jack, 'moooney don't buy loove' This song just sound like next single. NEXT SINGLE. 'cause you kiss me like im dreaming' Next time I go to a club I'll be asking for this song to the DJ. Pray for me.
Should've been us, Talking about a relationship that never became real. 'Thinking it could be different, but maybe we missed it'. I can't even talk more about this. Sorry. I love this song. So. Freaking. Much.
First Heartbreak, at this point, every single thing I could say about her is good, and you already know it. When I think about Tory I always think about how real she is. So is this song.
I Was Made For Loving You, this song is the type of song we could expect from her, as I said, she's real, pure, she is magic. And If you think that couldn't be better, she's singing with her friend Ed Sheeran, that of course, we love him too.
City Dove, this is the type of songs that at the first hear you don't feel anything, it's another song at momento, nothing special for me. Maybe I have to hear it more.
Beautiful Things; just Tory and her guitar. Like old times. Beautiful.

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