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That moment in which you are shopping and realize that you are muttering the song you are listening to without having any idea of what the lyrics say. Yes, that happened to me about one month ago haha. Fortunately, Shazam saved my life and I discovered an amazing song called "Too young to remember" by Florrie. It is a lively and catchy song that makes you enjoy the great things about life you may regret in the future if you don't take advantage of them now.


This year I've decided to take all the chances I haven't dared before so this song helps me a lot when I hesitate.
My favourite verse is this one

Baby if I'd take another chance
I could live forever like this

Maybe I could dance all night

To forget what I shouldn't have missed

But I don't want to hear about the girl

with the Halo doing it all wrong

I could live my life like that,

But I know I wouldn't last long

Feeling too young to remember

Feeling too young to care about what happens

Feeling too young to rem,

and I won't throw it all away

All I want is some fun
It don't man, I don't care about what matters
Tell me I'm wrong, 'cause there's only one thing I gotta say

Don't you think it is a cheerful song?

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