@echosmith, more than Cool Kids

When I talk about Echosmith, most of the people know them because of 'cool kids' it's a catchy song, I recognise it, and I love it. It was the first song I hear of them, but Echosmith are more than 'Cool Kids' I swear, and I'm gonna show you.
Talking Dreams is their album debut, with songs like 'Let's love' 'Come with me' 'Safest Place' 'Bright' 'Tell her you love her too' which is one of my favourites songs of the album. It's hard to not keep up the catchy and deep songs of this alternative-pop band. Let me tell you about 'Nothing's Wrong', a song that in the album may go unnoticed but when you hear it in live it becomes one of your favorites, so energetic, you're gonna jump and sing as if it were the last day of your life.
I saw them for the first time in Madrid, at Samsung Event, Echosmith came to promote their album debut and their future tour and I really enjoyed! They're so good.

Check the dates! - They're coming to Europe!

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