Purpose by @justinbieber // ALBUM REVIEW

It is said that good things take some time. Totally true when it comes to talking about Justin Bieber's new album. Amazing is not enough to say how it is.

After some time off, this new record shows a change in his style and also his maturity. An album where we are said to think we are absolutely worthy and if someone really loves us, they have to make us feel loved.
Mark y words it's like an intro to what will be the album, all full of deep feelings and thoughts. Get ready.
I'll show you talks about his life, 'my life is a movie and everyone is watching' absolutely his life, cause he started his career very soon and everyone has been judging him everytime. But hey!, he's gonna show you how he really is even maybe you don't deserve it, cause he don't need to prove you nothing.
What do you mean is about the crazy things girls usually do and that make boys go mad. Catchy song you are not going to stop humming.
Sorry is the disco song. Deep lyrics with such an amazing rythm that it's already an essential song in every night party. Thanks to this song everybody look at us at the club like if we were crazy or something.

Love yourself a beautiful 'almost capella song' was writen by Ed Sheeran and Justin and is one of my favorites and Life is worth living is the slow song which will give you the creeps. Talking about the importance of  the simple things in life.
Company, I've to say it, I hated this song when I heard it for the first time, but now.. well.. I don't love it, but I quite like it, is quite catchy.
No Pressure, Big Sean is a must-have in a Bieber album, and we love it. The lyrics is gonna make you go mad. I fuckin' love it. 'I know you need a little while to believe again'
No sense, like Company, I didn't like this song too much at the first, but now it's ok, I like it.
The feelings, is one my favourite songs. It is about either loving the person you are with or loving the feeling of being with someone and that feeling of doubting which one is the situation in which we are. Awesome.
Where are Ü now, ft Skrillex and Diplo, talks about missing someone who's not next to us anymore.
Children, a party-song like Sorry, I just.. I don't have anything to say about this song, I just want to jump and sing. Let's do that. Can't wait for Purpose Tour.
Purpose; I cry like a **** with this one. You can hear his lovely voice which always touch my heart. Hang on, I'm crying again.
Been you; this one is one of my favorites!! If you're a big fan as I am you may know that this song is totally a flashback of  Believe. Is very different of the rest of the album, it's feels like this song is from Believe and not from Purpose, and I love it, I love it so much.
Get used to it; I think this song is from the Deluxe album, another song which I think is very different from the rest of the Purpose album, I love it.
We are; holy crap, the rhythm of this song makes me mad, I feel so cool singing this song even I'm just a potato.
Trust; I love this song but I never remember the name of it. Don't know why. Anyway, this song is not on my top but is ok, I'm gonna sing it anyway.
All in it; My favorite part os this song are the chorus, the rest of the song is just ok.
What do you mean? Acoustic version; As you may already know, I love acoustic versions of every single song, and this one... let me say it IS FREAKING AWESOME.

Yes, we love Biebs and we're so happy he's back. Enjoy!

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