Ruth Lorenzo // ALBUM REVIEW

Ruth Lorenzo is a Spanish singer who became famous when she participated on X Factor UK, unfortunately she didn't win, but, as I always say 'everything happens for a reason', and look at her now! She represented Spain in Eurovision 2014 and after that she released her album 'Planeta Azul'. Ruth will be touring this year in Spain.
Planeta Azul (which is also the name of one song) consists of 14 songs, 2 of them are the acoustic version of 'Renuncio' and 'Gigantes'. 'Renuncio' is one of my favourite songs, the lyrics are so personal and beautiful 'I prefer feeling the pain knowing that you've been real'. 'Patito Feo' it's all about feelings, courage and send us a beautiful message 'even if they call me ugly duckling i don't care i don't want to look back, this is how I am I'm not afraid... I know I can fly...' The style of 'Flamingos' has something different to the rest of the album, something like tango, I love it.
She sings a song with Miguel Poveda called 'Rey de Corazones'. This album was produced by Chris Wahle.
Last August she released on her YouTube Channel a new song called '99' and it's already my favorite! GET READY CAUSE SHE'S HERE TO STAY!!

She will be touring all around Spain, get your ticket here!

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