@AlexGMusic7 'Share your story'

As you may already know, we love YouTube, we have found a lot of artists and a lot of new music, and this time I want to talk about Alex G, she's amazing and her voice is super sweet.
She has covers like 'Payphone', 'Steal my girl', 'Bad Blood' or 'Problem' ft Tiffany Alvord, between others. She's also going to release her new EP called 'Share Your Story', and as she said 'is the most important project'  I love 'Charlotte' that song makes me cry, is so beautiful, the message.. everything. There's a story behind the song, a girl submitted a story to the '#shareyourstoryEP' and she (Charlotte) told her that she grew up in a household where her words wern't valued and she always felt like she couldn't talk because no one wanted to hear what she had to say, so that's how Alex G bring us 'Charlotte' to life. Amazing.
And Alex is coming to Spain next month, are you ready?

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