REVIEW - Cody Simpson in Madrid

Do you remember the boy of 'All Day' or 'iYiYi'? Well, the man that we saw yesterday performing in Madrid it doesn't have anything to do with that. He grew up and so his music. And let me tell you something, he's so freaking good. The show started with his song 'Free' - how his new album is called - and he sang all his new songs which made me fall in love. Cody is making a mix of blues and reggae, a new style for him that I LOVE. Also, he has something special and magic on the stage, he connects with the audience, so you don't need to be super fan to enjoy his music. He's doing something great and you need to hear it. My favorite part it was when he sang 'Flower' because it's one of my favorite songs, I sang like it was the last day of my life because even we were there with Press Pass we like to enjoy the music as we do at home. Because that's why we do this. To enjoy the music, and to share it with all of you so you can discover new music.
One of the best part of the show it was when he sang 'Pretty Brown Eyes' all the fans were singing so loud and they looked happy. That's amazing. As you may know, he has a song called 'Home To Mama' a beautiful duet with Justin Bieber, it was special too.
He remind me to John Mayers, which by the way one of his songs was played at the end of the show.
If you can go to some concert of Cody, I truly recommend you to go, you're gonna have fun and you're gonna enjoy his new music. Also, Jackson Harris and Ryan Beatty are gonna be there, which is more than perfect! They are so talented, we had a interview with Jackson Harris and he's such a sweetheart. We had a chat with him and he talked about Cody, if you wanna know what he said, keep reading our blog!

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